Co-working Space in Qatar

Co-working Space in Qatar


The concept of co-working has gained popularity recently due to the simplicity and convenience it gives to corporate operations and the extremely dynamic work culture in Qatar, which has elevated it to the top of the year’s trends. Additionally, there is a critical demand for it because of the expanding start-up industry.

The list of co-working spaces is provided here to assist you in finding the ideal place to work.



Since Servcorp was one of the first companies that existed in Qatar; it proudly wears the label “pioneer of the co-working culture.” They guarantee a fair opportunity for everyone by operating on a first-come, first-served basis. With the added convenience of self-serve coffee, tea, and water, all operational requirements for commercial operations are easily met. Additionally, each of their three offices is situated along Doha’s sparkling skyline, guaranteeing a pleasant working environment.



PRIME, which was established in 2005, is the first firm in Bahrain to offer serviced offices and is a specialist in business services for both domestic and foreign markets. We have been leading in specialized business services for more than 15 years. For instance, in 2005, we were the first to provide serviced offices, and in 2006, videoconferencing capabilities. We have also offered complete financial and accounting services since 2012.

Even though others have imitated our strategy, we don’t think anyone else provides the same variety of services under one roof or at the same level of quality as we do.

We frequently add new services, driven by the demands of our customers as well as the altering standards imposed by Bahrain’s business environment. As usual, our goal is to make business and administrative processes easier so that our clients may concentrate on what they do best.



The LiquidSpace Network provides workspace in one city, Doha. For any budget and for any length of lease, we have office choices. Naturally, rent costs vary depending on the city, the size, and the amenities you select. A co-working hot desk might cost less, but an executive office suite might cost more. Rent an office for as little as an hour or as long as three years. If you want to rent office space or make money off of unused space in Doha, LiquidSpace is the answer for you.


Coworker Regus – Doha, Shoumouk Towers

We think good things happen when people have access to exciting and collaborative workspaces. The coworker was established in 2015 with the goal of promoting the use of coworking by making it easier to find coworking spaces all around the world. We imagine a world in which on-demand access to a flexible workplace allows 1 billion people to engage in coworking each year. We think that this event will accelerate social progress and creativity. We strive daily to advance our network and technology to enable the great future that we shall all enjoy.

Shoumoukh Towers is a combined complex that combines office and retail space. So, even if you choose to remain on-site, you may choose from a wide range of necessary amenities, such as cafes, coffee shops, and shops. This will help you:

– Underground parking that is secure for you and your clients

– Warm lounge areas, perfect for unstructured networking

– A famous spot in the capital and business district of Qatar

– On-site fitness center, perfect for a workout after work

– Access to a business lounge for mobile working

– Videoconferencing, which allows you to connect with people


RWAQ Business Center

RWAQ Business Center offers office space and co-working spaces at an excellent location in Doha, just minutes from “Bank Street” and the Doha Corniche.

We provide both long-term and temporary full offices as well as coworking spaces. The offices are affordable, adaptable, and tailored to meet your needs.

The RWAQ Business Center makes it simple to access the entire capital of Qatar. The hub is adjacent to some of Doha’s best hotels, cafes, restaurants, and other establishments, in addition to the main financial institutions that line B-Ring Road.


Arafat Business center

A reputable supplier of lavish offices that the local government has approved for the opening of new firms in Doha, Qatar. Businesses will therefore have more time to focus on their clients and key capabilities as compared to overhead costs.

The key to our quick success and expansion—and the reason we now have over 200 offices in different sizes and price ranges to meet the needs of our clients is our commitment to giving our clients the best services possible while collaborating with them in a professional and inspiring work environment.



Workinton is a technology coworking hub with about 20,000 square meters of space globally, from Turkey to San Diego to Berlin, and more than 3,200 square meters in Qatar, including Alfardan Centre, West Bay, Lusail, and Msheireb. Complete with vibrant and trendy workspaces created for corporations, SMEs, freelancers, and start-ups.

“Unite of Power” is our motivation, and it focuses on putting all components of the start-up ecosystem under one roof through a broad network of business owners and sectors, collaboration opportunities, and a shared economy. You can find an appropriate working, relaxing, learning, and networking environment in Workinton.

You may work 24/7, take breaks whenever you want, and network with local entrepreneurs over a cup of coffee and delicious food while enjoying the comfort of fully furnished, adaptable offices in your chosen location.

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