Top 8 Car Rentals in Qatar

Top 8 Best Car Rentals in Qatar


The FIFA World Cup will be organized in Qatar in 2022. With the Fifa World Cup contender ship, Qatar has had an excellent infrastructure for the past ten years. Though the inauguration is nearing, people have already bought their tickets for the matches. Booking hotels and transportation in advance is crucial, especially during the World Cup, to avoid losing the game due to scheduling conflicts.

Getting a car for rent and self-driving may turn out to be the greatest option for transportation during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. For the top car rental business for the Fifa World Cup in Qatar read the article below.


Top 8 Car Rentals in Qatar


Regency Fleets

Regency Fleets is a car rental and leasing firm with a fleet of more than 1000 vehicles, including luxury to affordable cars, vans, and buses. Regency Fleets is positioned to surpass other car rental businesses in Qatar due to the broadest mobility platform and internet access.

Aside from that, we offer a one-stop-shop service for the hospitality sector, high-quality tailor-made solutions, and a highly satisfied clientele.

How it works

  • Pick your drive
  • Select when and where
  • Fill out the form
  • Choose your car and book


AVR (Al-Futtaim Vehicle Rentals)

The Al-Futtaim Automotive Group of Companies in Qatar has a specialized vehicle rental and leasing operation called AVR (Al-Futtaim Vehicle Rentals). Al-Futtaim Automotive Group, through which AVR operates, has 35 years of business experience in the GCC.

The goal of AVR is to deliver mobility solutions that are customized to each client’s needs while exceeding the standards set by the competition in terms of customer service. We think that by placing our clients at the center of all we do, we can deliver a high-quality service that will change what customers in Qatar expect from renting and leasing cars.

Why Rent From AVR?

  • Trust
  • Flexibility
  • Transparency


ACE Rent Car

Ace is an American business that operates locally in Qatar. Even though it has only been operating in Qatar for a short while, it has already earned a large market share. The vehicles are well-kept and clean. They also provide many benefits.

The company is often well-known for selling expensive cars. Ace cars are chosen by those who enjoy driving luxury vehicles.


Mustafawi Rent a Car

One of the first vehicle rental companies in Qatar, Mustafawi Rent a Car was founded in 1976 and is now one of the top companies for business travellers visiting the country on business as well as for leisure tourists, whose numbers are steadily rising. Qatar has now established itself as a “center” point for travellers from every continent. Chauffeur-drive Our Mustafawi Limousine can provide luxurious cars. We at Mustafawi Rent a Car maintain the highest standards of integrity, reliability, competence, and moral conduct in all of our business dealings.

We provide the following services:

  • 24/7 Airport Rental Services.
  • Roadside assistance and vehicle replacement are available 24/7.
  • Complete insurance with passenger coverage.
  • Online booking functionality.
  • Regular vehicle maintenance.



Selfdrive has been recognized as the “Best Innovation in Smart Mobility Technology” and is also the leading Dealer Approved Car Subscription Platform. It has been able to take a huge portion of the retail and corporate market in the UAE because of its fierce determination and advantage over rivals. We think that providing a smooth experience and other perks to go along with the rental services will excite our clients.

How It Works

  • Rent a Car
  • Delivery
  • Drive Anywhere
  • Return


Al Saad Rent a Car

Established in 1988, Al Saad Rent a Car is one of Qatar’s most reputable car rental companies. We have a solid reputation for providing timely service, dependability, credibility, and the highest levels of client satisfaction. We provide cars from all sectors to rent out to all needs, whether cooperative or individual. The business maintains its lead in the competitive market with a fleet of more than 2000 vehicles and 500 employees. Al Saad Rent a Car has expanded its reliable services to the United Arab Emirates. Customer satisfaction and dependability have always been our primary priorities. Al Saad is a customer-focused business with an innovative garage and the widest selection of cars available only for rental and driving services.

Al Saad Mechanical Service

  • 24/7 Break down services
  • Dedicated Fleet maintaining unit
  • All services done periodically
  • Quick Services at your spot


Al Mana Group

Almana Group, which began as a trading firm in 1960, has developed into one of Qatar’s top companies, advancing alongside and contributing to the country’s rapid economic growth.

Almana Group utilized the numerous chances the nation offered in its development goals. The development of the Almana Group has matched that of Qatar from its beginnings since it was equipped with a planned blueprint and a strong goal.

Some of the largest multinational corporations in the world are proudly represented by Almana Group. This has made it possible for us to work on some of the biggest and most profitable projects in all of Qatar, some of which will continue to be the foundation of the country’s economy for years to come.


Avis Group

AVIS is a well-known and award-winning company that has a long history of invention in the car rental sector. Furthermore, the company is committed to delivering true convenience and great service to its customers.

AVIS Qatar offers a variety of vehicles to satisfy your needs for a rental automobile, from micro fleets for quick journeys around the city and large commercial trucks for transporting goods. Regardless of how long you require it, AVIS has you covered.


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