How to apply for Hayya card Fifa Qatar?

7 Easy Steps to apply for Hayya card Fifa Qatar?


What is Hayya card?

A Hayya card (Fan ID), a personal identification card, is required for everyone attending a FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 game. It is necessary to have a Hayya card (Fan ID) and the proper match ticket in order to enter the stadium on match days. During the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, each individual is necessary to have one Hayya card (Fan ID).

A required travel document that allows entrance to stadiums and public transportation is the Hayya Card, sometimes referred to as the Fan ID card.

A sort of document given out by the government of Qatar is the hayya card. This publication was made just for the FIFA World Cup. Any FIFA World Cup game must be watched with this card.


Benefits of Applying Hayya Card

Each Hayya cardholder will receive a variety of benefits designed to enhance their stay in Qatar. It will serve as an identifier for all Tournament ticket holders. On match days, if you use your Hayya card and your match ticket, you will be able to access the stadium, enter Qatar, and use the metro and shuttle buses for free on match days.

Hayya Card Benefits

  • Valid Entry to Qatar
  • Stadium Access
  • Free Metro and Bus Access
  • Visitors can utilize the “Hayya App” for smart journey planning


7 Easy Steps On How to Apply for Hayya Card : ?

  • Browse the official website and make a Hayya account. Visit :
  • Click on Apply for Hayya to continue to the application form.
  • To validate your ticket, enter the match information.
  • According to the kind of your ticket, enter the details.
  • Enter the application’s details.
  • Enter your passport number, birthdate, and other information.
  • Then, enter your contact information, complete your information, and submit the application.

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